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Sturt Logic

by The Shalfonts

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"This was the first record by a sort of all-star band closely related to the Giant Manilow Records, though, most of the songs were written by Ralph Morton and Bryn Bowen. The soundscape of the album is filled in with rough guitar strummings, electrified feedbacks and drum blasts, sounding even a bit amateurish, however, ready to move on to reach new heights in the future ( for instance, at Mjuk Nation)." 7.3/10 - Recent Music Heroes Blog


released February 22, 2009

Bryn Bowen - Vocals, Guitar, Drums on 'Smunched'
Ralph Morton - Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keyboard, Piano

Lloyd Bowen - Drums on 'Trent Boyard', Keyboard on 'Warm 15'
Craig Gumbley - Guitar on 'Two Boy Gay'
David Morris - Bass on 'Warm 15'


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The Shalfonts Birmingham, UK

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Track Name: Quaalude Mornings
Lost mollers. Arrows where it are. Our time. And Quentin got a scar from when he went cheek to cheek with one of them grandfather clocks. Another arrow as it were. Another curve and a spiked light penduluming. And they called it slumming or something less becoming. But out and out and what about I still feel that you´re running. And Quentin caught on to some photoshoot out in the woods like the stains he came on when he embarked upon all those quaalude mornings. Don´t you love the smell of an idea dawning.
Track Name: Do Me Bronze
Shit space shrine. Wake me up when it´s ode. Shake me up when it´s suppo. Good luck fist fuck. There´s leeches in the bands new truck. They stick unstuck. They cause a ruckus.

Lavender. Won Oscar. A bruise turned blue. While writing lines for "The Luge".

Shit space shrine. Drip drip drop. And it holds! Eugene plant me kiss. I´m sure that we can file it as a gift. With a note attached. Says : Fist fuck these young bucks who don´t know what we´ve been through. I´m a gorge not a groove.

Lavender. Won Oscar. A scar turned blue. While writing lines for the calendar girl sister. A Ritz packet as a flagpole nineteen days young. But...

I´m a man with my own needs. And I can´t believe we´re dancing like this. I´m pet without peeves. And I´m open for an invitation. Do me bronze. Do me good.
Track Name: Trent Boyard
I did it this way and I did it that. I did what ever I wanted to do. But I was never satisfied. Now i´ve come up blue.
Because one was a conquer and was a shell. And one was all the things that we went without.
And one night I shaved until the blade touched my bone. And one time I was with these guys and they all let me down. And one time I was tripping and the sky looked hellbrown.
So this one´s an attitude. And this one´s an artichoke. But you´ve got no hold on me.
Lube me up buttercup. I´m here for one night that´s all. And I came for you. Smoking guns true. I came for you.
Track Name: Burners & Werners
Lately I´ve been tickling my own face. No windows means no clues and man I approve. I came with a suitcase and left in a suite. Hot flushes, showers and wine groups. Bonafied sounds like thinking out loud. But that´s not what I came here for. No. Now it´s just go.
Perhaps we should maybe cement it. A bench full of words and one kid says I can´t limbo. Says "How low can you go?"
A ball park estimate is all the way down.
Sweated and chapped and all the other functions bodies have. And I am my dad. And a new home goes up in flames. If you want to do that you can´t. Park somewhere else because here you´ll be finding yourself clamped and all alone.
Stupid plan. Who torches their family home? Seriously.
Track Name: I Can Woman
Luscian you´re excited by the queerest things. And yeah I suppose I am. She says it strong and confident when she tells me "I can woman". And I´m positive she can. Slide over.

She likes the way I deliver it as a buque. It seems you like the way I pronounce your name. But then again...

Where it would be blowing out I hoped you would be showing that all those cans that we had out back were there for reasons other than those times when you´re on top of what you´re up to. And the sky is like an uncle who´s delivering a strange and new feeling. And the buildings they erected just to house that new collective were intwined with those sings to blurry to be real yet strong in their own way. Like when liquor met tongue at the first site of sun. The last thing we needed was a watered down companion.

Senorita digs the way I punch in the clock. She likes that a lot. But it´s not like that´s all I´ve got. You know there´s exquisite tastes in a lot of fields and you can explore them all. And wet your feet in it.
Track Name: Enter: Claude
You you you. Never had my blessing. We could sit and watch the sap drain from this tree. But I doubt that´s what you had in mind for me.
I´m a ham string strain. You´re the gifts from when God came. And together we´re a shitty aeroplane.
Evolving and expanding. But Christ you are so demanding.
Track Name: 7 From The Womb (New Batch)
Is there a chunk in the bunk with a vibe that I can ride for an extended period of time? Because that´s what I´m looking for.
It´s seven from the womb new batch. Honey, sorry things got so thatched. Tudor dude on the roof and all I want is to go back.
Honey, you´re totally doing it for me. I´m twenty years young and still blooming. But is there a chunk in the bunk with a vibe I can ride for an extended period of time? Because that´s what I think I need. Need to be doing.
All I want is a place where I can cut my own hair.
All I want is pillow that talks back.
All I want is duvet covered room.
I swear it´s coming soon.

What the fuck? Even the bar staff here have tans.
But God if I saw her now I´d be like the snow plow.
Track Name: The Late Night Love-In
Got a lot of love for the wet wipes in the glove box. I told you. To be physically disgustingly ugly is a way to set a man free. But I know I could pull off old. I go wrinkle now. So rise up above me.

But it´s signs when I want devine.
A quick pick me up before put me down.
Trim those burners now.

Well aren´t you just the snake. I´ve got that serious face and move with the mitts and little of typing meets late night love-in. I want to expand that. But with none of that sap.

But it´s signs all the time.
And that snap with the tongue wont get me out of this bind.
So I wait patiently.
Track Name: The Exploration
Hows life without the bike? Yeah it´s a good fright. Given good condition. And the suits they collected. They were a power house.

But it´s out of the comfort zone. Out of the family home. Out of the bunkbed zone. Out of the buffer zone. Into the king size where my weaknesses are shown.

He´s exploring himself this winter. He plans on exploring himself this winter.

Hows life without the bike? Yeah it´s a good fright. It´s feeding that beast that turned you to this. Shoveling stones into that old hole you own. You were a power house.
Track Name: Two Boy Gay
I like the way it feels. I´m into the way it feels. Just slipping out for a while. Doing it good. Not holding wood. And being into what i´m after. That´s the craft.
I like the sick on shields. The families and the sweet meals. It´s a candle lit thing. And it always has been. It´s a vibe you can ride on. Begs the question why not pass it? Both taught and flaccid. Look at them now. They´ve got it going on. So what do you think of your new home?
Track Name: Warm 15
I remember the shirt and I remember the jacket. And I remember we broke even on that package. She calls it deleted scenes. I say it´s how it´s supposed to seem. And really I should just break a piece. But lately I come on so loose and I haven´t really been through anything.

A friend shared a word on how it was. It´s good and so you´ve got teeth in that shot. That´s all I´ve got. But I´m hoping you´re open to a warm 15. You and I sweating it out equally.

And here´s the bit where I bit your shoulder. We´ve got no chemistry for dancing but I feel you might still want seconds. I don´t know what those were about but I know I bit in and nothing comes out.

And we rise and we dine. And we haven´t done it yet but that´s fine.

You´ve known a boy or two before me. You know your way around a body.
But when you come to in the pool I´ll be taring up the landing strip.
Track Name: Powder Shrine
Was I that green when I came out? When I went without work. When I was captain of my own team. Beaver and I just slide on the bunk. Taking on all the whities. The Corps are fake Joes but they go together in every scene.

But I plan to deliver my first girl in the river.

Was I that green when I came out? When I went without work when I was captain of my own team. Last to gas is first to cut and casserole ´s chucked as sleeves get rolled up. And I know you´re marking down there. But that music just couldn ´t go loud enough. Be it an Aladdin sword or a real six stringer it really doesn´t matter. Because when you´re playing a show to you and you alone you´ve got the space to feel the fabric of your own throne.
Track Name: Smunched
Hits me in the back seat. Your girlfriends not complete. And my friends are coming to town.

I´m a phrase book now. Incredible, right? Triple threat with all that sweat but who gets a semi at that site?
It´s like youth in a bowl on a table at an ice lake. Hey honey bunch kill it dead I said.

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